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One-on-One: Explorer Wellness Walks
Walk and talk with your coach Laura Conely for one hour on a local urban path. The pace is your own, the coaching is conversational, and the soothing sights and sounds of the outdoors will support your stories, ideas and new thinking. Walks march on in most weather. All you have to do is show up, lace up and bring a full water bottle. Your session includes a walking wrap-up of milestones and markers toward your goals. 

Book a single session or sign up for a membership to secure your walking dates and pricing. One-on-one sessions begin at $125. Book a call with Laura to learn more about special package rates. 
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Small Groups: Pathfinders Wellness Walks
Share stories, connect experiences, explore new trails, and discover all the inspiration you will need, together with friends, family, or colleagues. Your coach Laura Conely will guide a small group of two to three people on a local urban path, making space for each person to speak candidly and listen deeply along the way. Groups of all ages, abilities, fitness levels, and needs are welcome. Your group session includes Laura’s own grounding practice and a closing routine so you can each take the best lessons of the walk with you into your week. Are you an individual who prefers to walk with others? Ask Laura if there is a group starting soon that is a best fit for you.

Get your group going or step into a group today. Book a call with Laura to learn more about special package rates. 
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Large Groups: Trekkers Wellness Walks
Build community and connection while getting individualized coaching when you book or join a group with five or more walkers. Gather your favorite people to create your own Trekkers group, or request to join a group forming soon. Large-group walks work best for those who seek guidance and also love to offer support to others as listening, thinking and accountability partners. You will get one-on-one time with Laura and get all the benefits of being outside in your own city with long-time or brand new friends. 

Join or create a group today. Book a call with Laura to learn more about special package rates. 

  • Walking with Urban Paths helps me to unplug from the day, giving me the opportunity to reboot mentally and physically.
    Julie Lacaze, walker
  • Laura inspires me everyday! I love her passion to be outside in the wonderful natural energy and beauty our heavenly father provides us. Laura continuously shares positive energy that motivates all to live a healthier and happier life. So grateful for Laura to be in my life!
    Julie Mullally, walker
  • Laura Conley is a secret weapon if you want to feel and look better. Her calm energy, superb relationship-building skills, her sense of wonder, and deep compassion all work together to get you out of your door onto an Urban Path for a magical, spirit-lifting walk schedule that boosts mental and physical health. For anyone needing to jumpstart a fitness routine, or feeling stuck, or confronting a life crisis, Laura Conely is the answer. I found walking with Laura helped my brain problem solve and made me appreciate the power of nature to restore us. Treat yourself to a month — or a year! — of sessions with Laura to experience her transformational ability to help you become the best version of you.
    Toby Gilbert, walker
  • I have always considered myself to be a “fit/healthy” person, but within my year of coaching with Laura, I’ve learned the importance of fitness in a whole new realm. She has taught me that fitness is deeper than vanity, it provides a mental healing component that I was previously unaware of. I have learned the importance of loving myself and I have her to thank for this. She has a way of listening, guiding and encouraging you without leaving you feeling judged and alone.
    Chandra, walker
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