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KPFT Open Journal

Urban Paths: A conversation with Laura Conely on Open Journal

May 6, 2020

Hosts: Duane Bradley and Stephanie ColemanLaura Conely, of Urban Paths, talks about how to find the courage to go outside and get back in sync with na...

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Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle “Coping with Coronavirus” Walking–the Original Social Distancing Activity

March 29, 2020

Photo: Jeff Forward/staff photographerWalking requires mindfulness, which helps the mind stop hyper-focusing on the negative.Click here to read the fu...

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Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle Re/New article on where to walk featuring Laura Conely of Urban Paths

November 27, 2019

Photo: Mark Mulligan, Houston Chronicle / Staff photographerIt’s all one foot in front of the other — literally and in life.Click here to read the ful...

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Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle Re/New feature on Urban Paths and how Laura Conely walked off her depression

July 31, 2019

Photo: Karen Warren, Houston Chronicle / Staff photographer“You can actually decrease pain by walking,” Conely said. “What is the downside?”Click here...

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ABC 13

ABC News reports Laura Conely’s Urban Paths created from love of walking

February 9, 2019

“I just saw that while going through rough times in my own life that walking was a healing time for me.”Click here to view the full report...

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Just Vibe Houston

Just Vibe Houston Interviews Laura Conely of Urban Paths Houston on walking after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

November 9, 2017

Life can change quickly, just like the Bayou did during Hurricane Harvey. Being in nature with movement and conversation is a powerful combination tha...

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