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Whatever the struggle, the ache, restlessness or the big question, the solution is always to do one manageable thing. Today, it might be to step out into the sunshine. Tomorrow, it might be telling a story while stretching your legs. Soon, you will be hiking, ticking off the miles and milestones without ever gasping for breath. 

This is how Urban Paths began – with one woman walking through big transitions and realizing that she was on the road to a whole new life. Today, through Urban Paths, walking wellness coach Laura Conely guides clients of all ages, abilities and fitness levels to take their own first (and fiftieth and 5,000th) steps. 

Want to feel better in your body? Need to make a major life decision? Confused about your career, your relationships, your passions? Missing feeling like yourself? Deeply desiring more out of this one big life? 

You know the answer. 

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For all Walks of Life
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Find the Urban Paths package that fits your pace. Choose personalized one-on-one sessions, group coaching or customized parties and gatherings. Specially priced membership packages put your self-care, activity and inspiration on the calendar for up to a year at a time. 
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Paths to Success
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Book your walking wellness coach Laura Conely as a keynote speaker and conversation starter for your business, nonprofit, conference or club. She’ll share roadmaps to higher performance, motivated collaboration, and future visioning.
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Move mindfully
Urban Paths special events nourish the soul and work the soles. Take a Walkshop on productivity, teamwork and the badass benefits of taking to the trails every day. Join a Walking Book Club to explore inspiring reads while taking in your city’s most beautiful views. Commit to a 30-Day Challenge or let Laura design a custom event that will get your colleagues, clients or guests going. 

Day 28! #10for31 Walking Challenge. Well it may be another rainy day in the neighborhood, but don’t let that keep you inside. It’s always a good day for a walk if you have the right gear! Today as I met with clients I noticed what they did to prepare. Rain boots, raincoat, ponchos and umbrellas were the fashion on the path. My personal favorite rainy day accessory is my clear bubble umbrella- for a couple of reasons. The most important is that even on a cloudy, wet day the transparent material allows the Vitamin D from the sun to reach me. Secondly, I can hold it down to my shoulders and still see where I am going! How about you? What’s your favorite rain gear-maybe galoshes? (I had to find a way to work in that word that’s so fun to say, LOL) #walkingforwellness #rainyday #galoshes @buffalobayou

Day 28! #10for3...

Day 27! #10for31 Walking Challenge. As I was walking thru Tony Marron Park I saw this group of problem solvers. There are many ways to hang a net. Friends who will climb on a chair. Friends who will hold you steady. And friends who will literally lift you up! On your walk today think of a time when the net to your goal was out of your reach and a friend was there to help get your game on. #walkingforwellness #friends #goal #problemsolvingskills

Day 27! #10for3...

What a great afternoon leading walks during the sneak peak at Houston Botanic Garden! Best part was meeting Olga. She came to check out the garden with several members of her family. They joined in the walk and Olga rode along in her wheel chair. About half way through our trek Olga told her daughter that she wanted to walk. So she stood from her wheel chair and pushed it along herself. She told me that the beauty of the park and sunshine inspired her and gave her the energy! YES! Olga is 96, she said the love of a good husband and connection to family are the things that have kept her so vital. ❤️#walkingforwellness #thisis96 @houstonbotanic

What a great af...

Day 26! #10for31 Walking Challenge. Have you ever thought about your super power? The thing that lights you up? Years ago after taking the Myers Briggs strengths test and being coached by @real_steveknox I realized that the thing about myself that I most struggled with could actually be my superpower if wired and channeled correctly! On your walk today consider how you can get more tuned into your gifts to transform and em-power yourself and those around you. #walkingforwellness #AllPunsIntended #power #gowalkyourself #transformer #ENFP

Day 26! #10for3...

Day 25! #10for31 Walking Challenge. “Sunshine almost always makes me high” ~John Denver. Yes, that is true for us too! The UV rays from the sun trigger the production of Endorphins- feel good brain hormones. Additionally, exposure to the sun helps our bodies make vitamin D which is important for mood, bones, blood cells, and immune system. Sunny skies are the drug we need- so get out under them whenever you get a chance. Take a 10 minute walk in the glow today and get lit! #walkingforwellness #sunshine #getlit #sunnyhouston #gowalkyourself

Day 25! #10for3...

Day 24! #10for31 Walking Challenge. Today while walking along @buffalobayou East I saw this industrial stunner- a metal recycling plant. The sun reflected off the scraps as the excavator’s claw moved them into a pile while the entire scene was reflected in the water. I’m telling you it was gorgeous! I challenge you on your walk to look for the unexpected, the things that on the surface might be described as just the opposite. Life can be like that too but If you look from the right angle there is beauty everywhere. #walkingforwellness #excavator #eastendhouston #buffalobayoueastsector #gowalkyourself

Day 24! #10for3...

Day 23! #10for31 Walking Challenge. Smiles are contagious. Last week on our Wednesday group walk one participant remarked to another how a man they had just passed on the trail was smiling so big at them. Her friend explained it was because she was smiling at him too! It’s so hard not to return a smile isn’t it? And every single time we smile feel-good neurotransmitters—dopamine, endorphins and serotonin—are all released into our brains. So on your 10 minute walk today try an experiment, smile at people. Do they smile back? How does it feel? Remember whether they do or not you are still getting that happiness dose. And as Mr Rogers sang, “It’s the style to wear a smile!” It's the style to wear a smile
Do you know how to put one on your face
In a while you'll feel your smile
You'll know it's there to wear upon your face Think of something wonderful
Something to shout about
Mention something beautiful
Smiles are from inside out~ Mr Rogers #walkingforwellness #smile #walkingchallenge #gowalkyourself

Day 23! #10for3...

Day 22! #10for31 Walking Challenge. How do you feel about walking in the rain? I LOVE it! Moving thru the rain can feel as cleansing as a good cry. It washes the path clean and shows the world from a different perspective. And then when the sun shines again, and it will, everything sparkles. So friends “let a smile be your umbrella” and go out “singing and dancing in the rain” ☔️ 🌈 #walkingforwellness #gowalkyourself #houstonwalks #walkingintherain

Day 22! #10for3...
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  • Laura Conely has been leading Buffalo Bayou Partnership’s wellness walks since 2017. Her passion for all to enjoy the many new discoveries while walking the paths along Buffalo Bayou is infectious! Laura shares why being outside provides a better quality of life and we all at Buffalo Bayou Partnership are grateful to have her as part of the BBP family.
    Trudi Smith, Director of PR and Events, Buffalo Bayou Partnership
  • The power of a story has lasting implications when shared by a master storyteller. Laura literally walked her way across the big rock moments in her life while perfectly illustrating for my team how these stepping stones pave the path to fulfilling our purpose in life. Laura's conversation left us seeking out ways to continue taking the next steps in life, regardless of the big rocks that lie in our way.
    Brent Gallagher, owner, Avenu Fit
  • Laura was wonderful! She led my co-workers and I on an hour walk along Buffalo Bayou. Even though we are at levels of fitness, she made it challenging for all of us. She pointed out interesting trees and turtles and birds. I was very stressed out when we started the walk, and ten minutes in, I felt completely relaxed and renewed. Thanks for leading us on such a wonderful walk! I definitely recommend a group walking activity for team building.
    Marlene Beita, The Council On Recovery
  • Laura’s enthusiasm kept me coming back, week after week, through the cold of winter and the heat of summer. I learned about nutrition, proper fitting shoes, self-confidence, posture, stretching. I have walked over 200 miles with Urban Paths and have lost 35 pounds. I gained strength, self-confidence and have made many friends. Wednesday night walking is my time for me, and I will keep taking the next step thanks to Laura’s vision.
    Betty, walker
  • Laura’s Urban Path walks ARE magical. On Wednesday nights, she finds a way to connect personally with each member of the walking group she regularly hosts, sometimes sharing a personal story of how she discovered a certain flower or tree, or asking the group to stop and listen mindfully to the sound of a quietly chirping cicadacircada. She knows the stories of each statue and artistic sculpture along the bayou, and invites walkers to appreciate both the humanmade and natural art in the bayou as treasures.
    Anita Cook, walker
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